Service of Process

The State of Nevada statutes require that all corporations obtain a registered agent. A registered agent is an agent of the represented entity, authorized to receive service of any process, notice or demand required or permitted by law to be served on the entity.
Registered Agent, Inc., is available during business hours to accept the "servie of process." This is beneficial to company owners that travel away from the office. We respect the confidentially of our clients. We also realize that most legal documents are time sensitive and that is why we will first notify you by phone to acquire the best way to forward the legal documents within 24 hours from the time we receive them.
What we receive on your behalf:
  • Court documents (if you get served)
  • State tax notifications
  • Secretary of State notifications
  • Annual report notices
  • Official state correspondence
  • Junk mail (we will dispose)

FREE Reminder Service

We mail, fax or email your notices. We will even call you if we haven't received your annual renewal or other documents in by our due date. We strive to prevent you from having to pay any penalty fees imposed by the State of Nevada.

Expert Chat

Our expert staff is available for you to talk to. We will communicate with honesty, and will only encourage you to obtain the services you need by addressing all of your concerns.
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State Filings

We prepare and file all state documents for you. We check all of our filings so that we have little to none rejected orders from the Secretary of State office. With our accuracy, this ensures that your filing will be completed promptly and on time.
We use our PO Box on all your state filings. This protects you from identity theft and fraud, as well as eliminates junk mail you normally would receive.

Additional Copies or Certificates Needed

At times your bank or even the taxation department may ask for a certain document pertaining to your corporation. Often these are documents you do not have on hand. No problem! Not only do we keep the original copies in your file, but if there is something that we do not have, we can and will get it for you.

Client Confidentiality

Most importantly, we do not give out any information about you or your company that is not already publicly known without your approval.

Register Now

Our $195 annual package includes what you need to operate your company, and we will not try to sell you a service or file a document that you do not need. Contact us today to get started or for additional information.